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    When Clover was a baby pichu she was left on the doorstep of the medical science friendly Ray Family, where she lived for most of her days, never knowing where she came from or who brought her to the Rays. The Rays raised Clover as their own born fresh and blood and in time she grew to love them back. When she was 6 years old, after evolving into a pikachu, her father, Professor Garrem Ray the Arbok , try to teach Clover and her eldest sister, Elsea Ray the Serperior, what he learned in the medical trade but Clover had very little interest in it, unlike Elsea who took the studies as intriguing. Instead she enjoyed studying nature more interesting as spent a lot time much of her exploring woods, studying plants and climbing up trees and rocks. This made her stand out from the other kids at elementary school who mostly city kids were giving her the nickname Nature Girl. However, by age 10, the name was not the most endearing way as much of the kids thought of her as one the weird girls, mainly because Clover was more interested in outdoor activities, had little interested in most trends that were going around her school and the fact that she a pikachu living with a family of snakes. This made her a target for ridicule for 2 years, making it hard for her to make new friends and  causing her to be a little anti-social around some of the kids at her school.

At age 12, Clover started to skip classes at her new middle school as she was beginning to become frustrated with the kids at school and spend much of her time in the woods. But one  cloudy day, 10 minutes to noon, she found a female greninja, in her mid 30's, dressed a dark purple tracksuit meditating near a pound. Before she could introduce herself to her the greninja spoke up and asked for Clover's name. After a quick introduction, Clover learned the greninja was named Noi Tsunami and that she just moved into Clover's hometown and she opening a martial arts school that mix both soft and hard styles combat. Noi then gave a business card and to leave her to  leave her to meditation.  The next day, in the late afternoon, Clover entered Noi's school for a lesson. Noi was teaching the basics of ninjutsu at the time and Clover found  the lesson interesting wanted to learn more about this martial art. She later became a regular student in Noi's school, becoming one of top 5 best in her ninjutsu class. At first, Clover's father was hesitant about her learning a dangerous fighting style but Clover's mother saw that her little girl was starting to become more happier after joining Noi's school and convince him to let Clover continue her classes, with the condition that she stop skipping her studies at her middle school, which Clover agreed to gratefully. For the next 2 years, Clover became a very skilled martial artist, earning praise from her class mates and curing her of anti-social tendencies. However, she still has problems making new friends at school for the fact she very judge mental of herself of what she says and act around others, think if she conscious about those things people start thinking of her as weird much like how things were in her past. Even with that over focus, she doesn't let this get her in her studies, especially not her ninjutsu training.

As she was turned 15, Noi school was invited to a martial arts tournament for minors, miles from where Clover's hometown. Noi asked Clover, along with her other students to participate in this tournament. Clover agreed along with the other students to event and made their way to stadium that the tournament was taking place. The competition was fierce, all four of Noi top students were defeated by last year’s champion, a Pachirisu named Douglas Goldman. Despite its size  provide Douglas to be  a formidable challenge for at the tournament. Clover and Douglas final face each other in the match for champion. Clover had a hard time fighting Douglas as he was stronger, faster and more skilled then her, pushing her against her limits far beyond that she could ever imagine. She was losing both her own strength, breathe and focus to him but she refused to lose. Then Clover mind began to get hazy as Douglas was about to give her the finishing blow with a left hook her face. The only recall at that moment was raising her  right arm to reflect the attack, and the blood curling scream that echoed. Douglas fell to the ground, clothes his arm in pain as referee cancelled the match. As security made their way down capture Clover and paramedics came help Douglas, Clover stared in horror into the sword that was her right arm with the blood Douglas dripping from the blade. As she was guild from the fight mate she could hear the crowd boo at her, give her cold  stare and call her a cheater.

One week pasted after the day of the tournament. Clover's arm was back to its normal shape. While she did get arrested for using her power all evidence found this was her first time using her sword so she the police station with no criminal changes on her. As for Douglas's arm condition, it would heal but he wouldn't be able practice martial arts a few months. Clover was still in bed lost in her own mind, reliving what has happened during the finals. Her family tried their best to snap her of her turmoil but she could stop think of happen. She was immediately disqualified from the tournament for being a weapon, something that she ever knew herself until now. Not only has her power revealed it to her now but in front her friends, the tournament officials, the audience, all of them found out in the worst way possible. She feared that she never will be able to show her face again around her middle school, Noi's school or anywhere in her own town, thinking they would look at her as demon and a liar. However, her depression fade a bit just enough for her to sneak out of home to Noi's school. When she enter, Noi and her class look at her in surprise as she bowed her head to the floor as apologizes for disgracing the school, that she only wanted a place that she could be herself and she did not want the school reputation be damage by her inability to recognize the most fact she a weapon that doesn't understand her own power. Noi agrees that teaching Clover in her state will be a danger to her and other students, but she never see her as an embarrassment no matter what she does as Noi understand that Clover worked very hard to be one of her best students as she believes that this was just a misfortune that was out of her control. After picking her Clover up off the floor she gave a copy of an application for DWMA, Death Weapon Meister Academy, and suggest Clover should enroll in the next semester, that way she would get the training she needed to control her new discovery, grow stronger with the skills she gain and also meet others like her. And with a smile, Noi tells Clover to visit her school if she needed advice or just needed a taste of nostalgia. As she walk out the door, Noi and her classmates bow to her and wish her good luck at the Academy.
PKMN DWMA: Clover's Past Unedited
I'm still plan on editing this story for her app but I like this so much as just a story I just to save it.
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As you been following this page then you know that I've posted a lot of Pokémon stuff here, mostly related to :iconpmdunity: and I haven't posted anything else in a long time. I do love the Pokémon games, the b mythos and of course fan art. So after thinking about in depth, I dec oily decided to make this page more, in a word,  poke-focus right of now. However, that doesn't mean I want to on non-Pokémon artwork. I want to go back work on original works, like character design, story, practice creating backgrounds, etc. So along with posting stuff here, I want to more art on Tumblr too, which I have multiple blogs on post where I will post most of my work there and give shout outs to other artists I like. Here are the blogs:

This where I post most original stuff and post about other artist.…

This where I post all of PMDU pieces.…

This one is new blog for pure Pokémon stuff about the games.…


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